Business Analysis Manifesto

Business Analysis Manifesto Cover
Business Change Team

October 8, 2016 in Uncategorized

Business analysis connects all the dots to enable business change

Business analysis consults to organisations:

Analysing strategy. Determining tactics. Defining change. Realising business benefits.

Business analysis is a trusted advisor:

From situations, identifying opportunity. From opportunity, forming rationale. From rationale, conceptualising ideas. From ideas, evaluating options. From options, specifying requirements. From requirements, creating solutions.

Business analysis transforms operations:

Investigating environments to reveal information. Breaking apart information to analyse. Consolidating information to synthesise. Transforming information to derive insight.

Business analysis considers the people, the processes and the organisation:

Walking the floor. Observing curiously. Listening intently. Feeling intuitively. Thinking holistically.

Business analysis conjoins expertise, knowledge, wisdom and experience to collectively create value:

Facilitating perspectives to consensus. Communicating to ensure understanding. Leading people to improvement.

-The Business Analysis Manifesto.