27 November, 2020

Will Black Friday 2022 bring a Business Change Academy Discount?What about a Cyber Monday Sale? Or a special offer around Christmas? These questions come up

What About Black Friday and Other Seasonal Sales at Business Change Academy?

25 July, 2019

Is your go-to business analysis approach centered around completing a standard organisational template? Do you spend your time filling in document sections with little guidance

Build Your Business Analyst Career The Smarter Way

19 July, 2019

Slides from the presentation ‘Requirements Elicitation Techniques For Data Gathering’, as presented by Joe Newbert at DAMA User Group Meeting 18 July 2019. Event details

Requirements Elicitation Techniques For Data Gathering

17 June, 2019

Business Change Academy’s new Agile Business Analysis course is bringing much-needed context in helping Agile projects succeed through business analysis. The Agile way of working

Helping Agile Projects Succeed Through Business Analysis

19 November, 2018

A new breed of business analyst is entering South African organisations, as local business analysts embark on their international diploma journey. And through the International

Local Business Analysts Embark On International Diploma

8 November, 2018

Slides from the keynote presentation ‘Busting Project Manager and Business Analyst Silo Mentality’, as presented by Joe Newbert at PMI MENA Conference 2018. Presentation abstract

Busting Project Manager and Business Analyst Silo Mentality

15 October, 2018

In celebration of great project leadership minds coming together, Joe Newbert, Managing Director of Business Change Academy, has been invited to present a keynote address

Connecting Business Analysis with Project Success

3 October, 2018

Slides from the conference presentation ‘Hitchhikers Guide to Strategic Business Analysis’, as presented by Joe Newbert at IIBA-SA BA Summit 2018. Presentation abstract Is your

Hitchhikers Guide to Strategic Business Analysis

17 September, 2018

Michelle van Kesteren, Operations Manager, attended Business Change Academy’s Business Analysis Practice course with a view to assessing the training course for the business consulting team, and

Giving Business Analysts The Competitive Edge

20 August, 2018

With organisations under increasing pressure to remain relevant and competitive in the marketplace, Joe Newbert, Managing Director of Business Change Academy has been invited to

Taste of Technique Driven Strategic Business Analysis

16 July, 2018

Business Change Academy are excited to be launching the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis in South Africa. This globally accredited and prestigious award is more

Launching the BCS International Diploma In Business Analysis

18 June, 2018

Revealing that Business Change Academy’s Business Analysis Practice course principles are helping her clients to better consider the holistic picture of their business strategy, Jeanette Venter,

Putting Strategic Business Analysis Theory Into Practice