Inter-View Winner Heading To Business Analysis 4.0

Inter-View Winner Heading To Business Analysis 4.0 News

Following the close of this years business analysis survey, Charles van Belkum, Senior Business Analyst at Sapiens, is the lucky draw Inter-View winner heading to Business Analysis 4.0 having won himself a free two- day conference pass to BA Summit 2017, compliments of Business Change Academy and the IIBA South Africa Chapter.

Through the Inter-View Report Charles gains incredible knowledge, that he considers fundamental to his professional growth and helps him to stay relevant within the profession, and he is looking forward to mixing with people with the business analysis community.

Here’s what Charles had to say about winning the Inter-View prize draw:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background, personally and professionally.

After matriculating I joined the Government Pensions Administration Agency (GPAA) where I spent 22 years in various roles and was given the opportunity to study, achieving a number of business management qualifications. Currently I work for Sapiens, providing software solutions for the insurance industry.

As passionate as I am about my professional life, the same applies to my personal life which revolves around my family. I am married to Michelle and we have 2 beautiful daughters aged 12 and 15. Any spare time is spent with family and friends around a “braai”.

How did you transition to become a Business Analyst, and what keeps you in the profession?

Most of my career has been spent working in operations. And by analysing inefficiencies and finding ways to improve them, I naturally progressed into the business analysis realm. With my business background and intimate understanding of customer frustrations, with bad processes,

… I can apply my business analysis knowledge to deliver effective and innovative change.

My passion for improving processes and service delivery keeps me in the business analysis profession, and as there will always be room for improvement I will not rest until perfection is achieved.

Congratulations on the win, how does it feel to know you’ll be attending BA Summit Southern Africa 2017?

I must say I never expected to be the lucky winner!! But I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend the BA Summit 2017.

It has been a dream to attend BA Summit since its inception.

Thanks again Joe and Business Change Academy for the opportunity!

Apart from winning the BA Summit tickets, what benefits do you get from the Inter-View Report?

The insights provided by the report are invaluable, put simply

… Inter-View provides me with incredible knowledge, helping me to stay relevant within the profession.

In our ever changing industry and with evolving technologies, I find Inter-View fundamental to my professional growth.

BA Summit opens up a world of opportunity to delegates, what are you especially looking forward to gaining from the conference?

The learnings from industry leaders on the current trends in the business analysis industry is something I’m really looking forward to, and simply

… being able to talk with people who are moving the business analysis community forward …

in South Africa.

Are there any particular topics that you are interested in and will be hoping to catch-up on at the conference?

The hot topic at present is the new framework announced by the IIBA for professional certification, and I am particularly interested in understanding the differences between the award levels and getting more information on a study approach to prepare for the exams.

What excites you about business analysis and the rising prominence of the profession?

As stated earlier, I am extremely passionate about the profession.

What gives me great pride and satisfaction from being a business analyst is seeing a piece of work that I have delivered change lives on different levels.

It not only improves the company’s bottom line, but ultimately impacts the customer in a positive way through improved service delivery!

About Business Change Academy

Business Change Academy is a training company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Founded in 2008, Business Change Academy provides accredited qualifications + short courses for project professionals seeking internationally recognised best-practice competencies in business analysis, solution development and change management.

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Success Stories

Meet Abeda Essop | Business Analysis Practice Delegate

Abeda Essop Business Analysis Practice BCMG Difference

Abeda Essop, Senior Business Analyst at Old Mutual, shares her training experience having recently completed the Business Analysis Practice course.

On the training Abeda learnt an approach for analysing stakeholder perspectives and modelling their conceptual business activities, and has gained new tools and techniques that are improving her professional capability.

Here’s what Abeda had to say about her training experience:

Tell us a bit about yourself, Abeda.

I’m big on family time, and make time for immediate and extended family. I exercise my right-brain by baking and decorating cakes for special occasions, and spend a lot of time as close to the ocean as possible.

I’ve been in the IT industry most of my life. When I started my career as a developer we simply accepted specifications and developed accordingly and I soon realised I’d rather be involved upfront, gathering and validating requirements and not merely implementing them. One of my previous employers had faith in me, took a chance, and gave me an opportunity as a Business Systems Analyst.

I still recall my first performance review, where I was advised to focus on the bigger picture and that’s exactly what I set out to do.

Why did you decide to take the business analysis practice course?

While I’ve completed various courses and degrees over the years, I last attended a formal Business Analysis course in 2005 and I was keen to attend this course for two specific reasons:

  1. To assess the validity of the methods I am applying in my current role and compare these to what would be shared on the course.
  2. To add to my skill-set and learn about new tools and techniques I could apply on a daily basis to enhance my personal value proposition.

It’s insane to think one can continue to apply the same tools and techniques acquired many years ago, and expect to adapt to the ever-changing Business and IT landscape.

How will the course help you in your career?

I am already applying some of the tools — on the first day I went home and immediately applied OSCAR to a current document I was working on.

After day 2 I realised I never actually went into CATWOE detail, documenting and comparing the perspective of EACH stakeholder in a clear and concise manner.

(I suppose you’ll have to attend the course if you want to learn about OSCAR and CATWOE).

We also have a culture of knowledge sharing when we return from any course, so I’ll be sharing all that I’ve learnt with our Business Analyst Forum.

What was your biggest learning – did you have an AHA! moment?

I had a few — as various tools were put into perspective nicely, understanding the external versus internal focus and when to use what. But …


The Business Activity Model, and learning how to get to that stage via the CATWOE Analysis — how a stakeholders perspective leads to conceptualising the business activities.

What did you enjoy most about the BCMG training experience?

It’s relevance to the modern role of the business analyst.

It was aimed at the right audience, and very well managed in terms of coverage per topic.

What would you say to someone who is considering doing this course?

If you strongly believe in continuous improvement to your own professional and personal development,

… just do it, you won’t regret the learnings, discussions and insights.

In the spirit of ‘keep growing’, what are you keen to learn next?

Benefits Management – as actual measurement is often neglected once a project has been implemented — and I’d like to learn business process reengineering in detail.

Abeda took the steps to learn strategic business analysis tools that are improving her professional capability. Are you ready to gear up? Find out more about the Business Analysis Practice course here.

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