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Search For The South African BA Of The Year 2017 Begins

Search For The South African BA Of The Year 2017 Begins News

With business analysts playing an integral role in successfully enabling business change within the industries, organisations and communities in which they work, the search for the South African BA Of The Year 2017 begins to recognise their talent and achievement in delivering business analysis work of the highest standard.

The Award celebrates business analysts of all levels, who are delivering in any area of the organisation, and are practicing in the field of business analysis, either as a business analyst generalist, a specialist practitioner or a hybrid job role.

Business Change Academy are proudly incubating the Business Analyst of the Year Award, a natural-fit with their well-known philosophy of innovating, enhancing and promoting the business analysis profession.

Business analysts are often the unsung heroes who quietly lead business initiatives from within, and as a business analysis community it is important that we are recognise our successes and proudly share them, says Joe Newbert, Award Convenor.

The recipient of the inaugural South African Business Analyst Of The Year Award in 2017 will be the person who demonstrates the most outstanding contribution throughout the award process across four key areas:

  • Measurable success – delivering quantifiable value to the organisation.
  • Requirements delivery – ensuring the right solution is delivered.
  • Personal development –  enhancing ability to succeed in the future.
  • Community growth – building recognition of business analysis.

Anyone wishing to enter the Award should firstly download the nomination form. The nomination form is straightforward to complete, requiring entrants to provide details of their role, contribution and results in the delivery of their business analysis work. Once completed entrants must submit the application for assessment by the industry committee, who are looking for considered and succinct responses.

Those shortlisted for the final interview stage will have demonstrated delivered business analysis work of the highest standard, against the criteria for the Award 2017. At the interview stage, the shortlisted finalists have the opportunity to elaborate on their abilities and achievements, and impress a small panel of judges. Interviews are to be conducted in July, with the announcement of the winner in early September.

We are keen to receive applications from business analysts nominating their own delivery, from colleagues nominating their peers work, and from managers wishing to commend people for their valuable business analysis, says Joe Newbert.

BA Of The Year provides a focal point for recognising the contribution business analysts make, opening up the opportunity to promote, support and enhance business analysis as a profession in South Africa. 

Closing date to submit applications for the South African Business Analyst Of The Year Award 2017 is 17:00 on Friday 28th April 2017.

Keep an eye on the Business Change LinkedIn Company Page where you can anticipate hearing more about BA Of The Year, as the 2017 Award unfolds.

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